Thursday, July 07, 2005

Smart Women Makin' News

The Judy Miller Show While all the men around her wussed out, Judith Miller bravely walked into jail on Wednesday, apparently the only player in this twisted story with the balls to stand up for the First Amendment (see previous blog entry, "Send Robert Novak's Ass to Jail"). She said she would never give up her sources and she didn't. YOU GO, GIRL! Judy makes Martha Stewart look like the biggest whiner since Anna Nicole Smith.

Bake some cookies, find some good books, maybe grab a bar of yummy smelling soap, and put together a CARE package for Judy while she's in jail. She deserves our support in upholding one of the most important principles of journalism. Her newspaper is behind her. Her husband supports her. But no one has to do the time behind bars but Judy herself and it's got to be miserable. Hell, throw some turkey jerky in that box!

Reporters might be a pain in the ass sometimes and they may not always get it right, but somebody has to go digging for the stories the rest of us would rather avoid. And if they can't guarantee confidentiality to their sources, we'll be stuck relying on the words of publicists and government flacks.

Judy, it's unfortunate you have to do this to protect the Devil's Spawn (Karl Rove), but the fact that you are willing to do it makes you a woman who deserves all our gratitude.

Buy A Vowell While Maureen Dowd is out on her book tour, The New York Times has been featuring more female op-ed contributors lately including Stephanie Koontz ("The Way We Never Were"), Brooke Shields (she kicks Tom's butt!) and Sarah Vowell ("Assassination Vacation"). Vowell's gentle irony and humor seeps through her take on Pat Robertson's appearance in a recent PSA appealing for African Aid. You must read it.

I Owe Oprah... an apology. I recently hammered Ms. Winfrey (see previous blog entry, "Oprah, What the Hell?") for too many frothy shows and too much self adulation, but today I learned that she's bankrolling Lisa Ling (one of the most truly honorable people in TV) to cover tough stories about women around the world. I mistakenly thought when Lisa appeared on Oprah, she was promoting her work on the Discovery Channel. Au contraire mon frere! Lisa's covered several topics for Oprah including today's powerful story on the continuing violence (especially against women) in the Congo. Oprah has hitched herself to a very credible reporter in Ling, who was the sore thumb on ABC's The View because she had waaaaaay too much sense and substance (Twain called it "sand"). One year, in honor of her father's birthday, she trained to run an full marathon! Sheesh! Eventually (and admirably), Ling left that high-profile show for the Discovery Channel, which more closely matches her desire for content and adventure.

Also, on today's episode, Oprah focused on Ricky Martin's efforts to stamp out child exploitation along with several follow-up stories about the Asian tsunami victims. It felt like Oprah was working hard to keep her viewers tuned in. I imagine her producers know exactly what happens to the remote controls at home when they present a tough topic. That might explain why there seems to be a half dozen "light" shows for every "serious" one. Still, it's important for Oprah and her staff to LEAD their audience to important topics. Today's show was "top of the line" television and I felt like I was being treated like a viewer with a brain as well as a heart. Thanks Oprah AND Lisa for believing in us enough to share.


At 5:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bake her cookies???
Judith Miller helped spread misinformation about WMD's in Iraq...I'm surprised you're using a "you go, girl" on her.

At 1:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Will the sucking-up to the discredited Miller ever going to end? She's no "hero", she's a shill for the corrupt and disingenuous madmen and women now occupying or informing the opinions of the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch and, ultimately, the Supreme Court. She needs rehab-like a job where fries are an important component of her dialogue with others...


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