Thursday, October 06, 2005

Conservatives Stage Bush Intervention

Well, W seems to have gone over the edge and his conservative pals are racing to stop him from destroying himself. No, it's not with his drinking -- according to the Enquirer he's keeping the booze successfully behind closed doors. No this intervention is about the Miers nomination. AAAAAAAAAGH!

Did they step in before he decided to invade Iraq?

Did they tell him to get his ass down to New Orleans before it flooded?

Did they take the nation's checkbook away from him before he spent us into oblivion?

Did they ever tell him NOT to hire Michael Brown?


Apparently, the only thing that will spur these (largely white male) leaders into action is a petite 60-year-old born-again never-married crony with no judicial experience.

Now THAT's scary!

Here's the conversation going on in the oval office.

But the GOP can't say enough good things about her on! What gives?


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