Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What Did YOU See Yesterday?

A recent blog post from Hart Seely, Syracuse Post Standard. Read more here.

Things I saw in Iraq Yesterday

7 a.m. Things I saw yesterday.

1. In a pile of sand on a corner in a relatively nice neighborhood in Baghdad, one silver Colt Automatic pee-wee toy pistol.

2. A small roadside shop nearby with an exterior display of artfully decorated hubcaps.

3. Medics dragging from a car wreck the top half of a dead Iraqi prisoner, then going back for the rest.

4. On a Baghdad street, a man unloading a wheelbarrow of garbage onto a smoldering pile.

5. The big dipper.

6. The Iraqi family’s living room, which looked transplanted from Chittenango.

7. An Iraqi cop wearing a ski mask.

8. A small group of soldiers end the Lord’s Prayer with “Hoooah,” instead of “Amen.”

9. A flock of sheep stopping traffic on a commercial boulevard.

10. The same hopeful eyes in a hundred different kids.


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