Thursday, December 01, 2005

How to Get Good Publicity

I spent several years working for non-profit organizations trying to get space in newspapers, on TV shows, on radio programs, etc. the OLD FASHIONED having a news peg to hang something on.

When you are the U.S. government, you don't wait for something as silly as hire the Lincoln Group* to BUY the news for you. You gotta admire them...they don't wait for stuff to happen, they rely on faux reporters and fake news reports to spread the word. The facts do NOT get in their way.

The New York Times has a story of how the U.S. bought news coverage in Iraqi newspapers to inform readers how well things are going. Is there anyone the Bushies WON'T pay off?

Forget being a defense contractor, you can make a POT of money in public relations these days if you can just get a government contract!

*A Strategic and Public Relations Firm Providing Insight and Influence in Challenging and Hostile Environments (think "Wag the Dog")


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