Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bring Out Your Dead -- And Make a Hundred Grand!

The State of Louisiana has agreed to pay Kenyon International Emergency Services nearly $120,000 per day for two months to recover, document, and handle the bodies of Hurricane Katrina victims. God bless them, right? Well, it seems that, according to Citizens for Reponsibility and Ethics in Washington:

Kenyon's parent company is Service Corporation International, a scandal-ridden, Texas-based company accused in a number of lawsuits for illegally discarding and desecrating corpses.

SCI is owned by W supporter Robert Waltrip and, a few years back, the two of them joined together to stop an investigation into SCI's misbehavior. That's right, W took part in interfering with a "whistleblower" lawsuit. The whistleblower later won damages from the state of Texas and from Waltrip.

I'm sure we are all relieved to hear that W has found yet another way to throw more business to his buddies. Who knew that even disposing of the dead could be smarmy? You need to read the details about this at Undernews.

Let's hope Kenyon does better than its parent company since Louisiana Governor Blanco only hired Kenron because FEMA couldn't handle the responsibility!

And if you are in the mood for more gruesome news, Slate has a piece explaining why dead bodies float face down.


Via Al Franken Show on Air America


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