Monday, September 12, 2005

Newsweek Treats Us Like Grownups

Do yourself a favor and buy this week's Newsweek. Their writers have been busy with some outstanding reporting (and I am NOT the biggest Newsweek fan -- they tend to be a little watered down for me). They pull no punches in this issue about race, Katrina, and W's administration. I know it's tempting to read the whole thing online, but spend the three bucks and support good reporting, will ya'?

"This is the best story I've ever read," said my beloved as he read "How Bush Blew It." I'm telling you, between NPR and now Newsweek, we don't need congressional hearings. The facts speak for themselves.

  • W's aides regularly draw straws to see who gets his wrath when they have to give him bad news.
  • W doesn't watch TV because he doesn't want to hear criticism, so his aides give him the news via DVD recordings.
  • Rather than send the aid requested by Louisiana's governor, W went to bed.
I think the recurring theme for me is, is that I'm capable of making decisions and following through on the decisions I make.
---W in a 2004 interview with Newsweek staffers

And lest you think his management skills are getting better, go to Daily Kos and read his comments to the press this morning. All of his talents are on display: crankiness, cluelessness, and he even plays the "blame game" with the media! Its the airwaves' fault!


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