Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What Was She Thinking?

What made Ashley Smith think it was a good idea to give a murderer crystal meth while he hid out in her apartment? Surely, there had to be a toilet for a convenient flush ala "Goodfellas"? ANYTHING to keep him from getting amped up any more than he already was. He no doubt came WAAAAY down when she started reading from A Purpose Driven Life. ZZZ-ZZZ-ZZZ

Ashley is the latest to join the Rogue's Gallery of Sinners Who Get Famous By Acting Moral and/or Religious. Previous inductees include William Bennett (notorious gambler), Rev. Jim Bakker (fornicater), Rev. Pat Robertson (called for a hit on a world leader), and that guy who wrote the natural remedies book who swears the pharmaceutical world is out to destroy him.

All this faux religiosity might actually be doing our society harm. Read this from the London Times


At 2:53 PM, Blogger Ian C. said...

You know, I felt like a major dick when this whole story was playing out and I couldn't stop rolling my eyes whenever she was spouting religious talk. (I almost sprained my eyes when she held that "Please leave me alone!" joke of a "press conference.")

I'm gratified that I can still trust my initial instincts.

At 7:32 AM, Anonymous more cowbell said...

The Soviet Union drummed religion out of society as policy enforced by law.

They are responsible for over 100 million deaths. Their legacy lives on today in the former Soviet Union where abortions outnumber the rate of live births.



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