Tuesday, September 27, 2005

While Rome Burned...

As the Depression closed in, Herbert Hoover decided the best strategy was for him and his cabinet to keep fit, so each morning, they would go out on the White House lawn and throw a medicine ball in a game of "Hoover-ball." Lucky for all of us, his enthusiastic, idealistic, and intelligent replacement -- FDR -- was soon to arrive. By the way, Hoover's associates called FDR "only half a man" who would never live long enough to take office.

The Bush administration's strategy is nearly as effective as Hoover's. Hoover didn't create jobs for Americans and the Bushies just keep hiring each other. While Hoover believed more hard work and exercise on everyone's part would pull us through the Depression, Bush just believes more work (of any kind) for his friends is the solution.

Frank Rich would like to see a return of a different President -- one who was notorious for doing to women what the Bush administration is doing to us. Since the New York Times Select is a serious mess (I really AM a subscriber, I promise!), here's a link to a friendly blogger who has the text:

NY Times: Frank Rich, "Bring Back Warren Harding"


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