Sunday, October 16, 2005

The REAL Cost of W's Administration

No matter who is elected President in 2008, the government they head will be a weaker, less talented, and more barren entity than the one W inherited (and NO, no one removed the "W" computer keys -- that was a Karl Rove rumor!). But I guess if you are a Republican who believes government has no role in the lives of Americans -- or if you just hate government in general -- this is an ideal scenario.

W has made it more and more difficult for talented and principled bureaucrats to stay in government. Well, wouldn't you be embarassed to work for the stupidest President we've ever had? And he's created an environment where corruption thrives and no one in power seems to mind.

Thanks to two fellow bloggers for tips on two great blogs. Check them out:

The Fallen Legion: Casualties of the Bush Administration

The Thirteen Most Corrupt Members of Congress

[Via: Ann Thrope, National Debunker]


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