Thursday, July 21, 2005

Helen Thomas is Still Bustin' Balls's not the most hard hitting editorial, but Helen Thomas's column in tomorrow's Seattle Post Intelligencer is keenly observed and shows what an excellent reporter of White House shenanigans she still is after 62 years of covering those yahoos.

And if you missed her interview on Fresh Air tonight, you MUST hear it. She gives the White House press corps a raspberry for being such pussies after 9/11. "They didn't want to appear unpatriotic," she said. Ms. Thomas learned early in the first W. administration that she was persona non grata for asking the hard questions. After catching hell from Ari Fleisher for "blindsiding the President," she was ignored (and seated in the back row) at what she calls the President's "so-called" press conferences.

But she's not cowed by the Bushies' silent treatment. She says she won't bow to anyone, nor should any other American. "They are our public servants," she said. "They work for us."

God Damn, I love her. She's writing a book about how the press and Congress silently acquiesced while the Bushies sent our soldiers to war and I can't wait to read it. The mood in the press room may be shifting slightly, she says, as reporters realize they have been had (she saw the same thing happened during the Woodward & Bernstein era).

A lot of today's reporters are intimidated by Rove et. al. who deny access to White House sources if reporters bring displeasure to the monarch. When will they learn that a couple of "The White House refused to comment"s in their story might encourage the administration to knock that shit off. Or, like Eric Alterman suggested, how about if no one asks another question until the previous reporter gets a clear answer to theirs first? There are a helluva lot more reporters than there are of Bushies and they need the press far more than the press needs them.

Thank God Helen Thomas hasn't retired yet. Sounds like the White House press corps still needs a role model who still has balls.


At 10:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello!?!? I have it-why don't the reporters just NOT SHOW UP AT THE WHITE HOUSE for "press briefings/conferences...? Maybe they could do some "investigating" while they sat out the distribution of bile from the criminal cabal in the White House and we could start calling them "reporters"...There's a start, and just maybe, maybe, we could get some reporting on the media empires themselves...maybe we could even get some reporting on the corporations that have MORE THAN DOUBLED THE NUMBER OF LOBBYISTS IN WASHINGTON D.C. since the Bush Crime Family & Friends arrived...or the wingnuts in Congress that support them, most of whom are unable to put a shoe on the proper foot without a pictograph...and that includes most of the Democrats along with the Rethugs...

At 4:26 PM, Blogger Mike said...

God bless Helen Thomas. She's one of perhaps six reporters in the entire country -- notably she's over 40 -- who actually goes out and reports.

Of course, most of the folks in the White House press corps aren't there to report, but to get their faces on teevee so they can get a few more bucks.

It's an insidious relationship, Karl Rover notwithstanding.


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