Friday, July 15, 2005

Three of These Things Belong Together


You gotta give those Bushies credit, they know how to stay on message. It only takes a couple of interviews to figure out which talking points were faxxed all over Washington on any given morning. And the news channels have finally caught on, showing the mindlessness of such repetition in hilarious stories that look and sound like a CD skipping. RNC Chair Ken Mehlman MUST have an "on/off" switch because he doesn't say anything BUT the talking points. Pull off his head and you'll find only smoke and mirrors.

Anyway, the latest talking points had the Righties consistently grouping Hilary, John, and Howard together, supposedly poisoning the waters for Hilary's potential Presidential run by positioning her with a loser and a nutcase. I'd just like to go on the record as a proud supporter of the blonde, the loser, and the nutcase. At least they haven't lied to a grand jury or started an unjust war by lying about WMDs.
NixonMartha Stewartgeorge.w.bush.ap

So, I'd like to create some talking points for the rest of us to use. Let's all name THIS trio to point out the dangers of breaking the law and the even WORSE consequences of LYING about it. Remember, stay consistent and repeat their names together as often as you can. Even after your interviewer is sure you you are an idiot who can't say anything else. OK...get out there and get on a talk show!

Good luck...we're all counting on you.


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