Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hugo Chavez for President of Everything!

Anyone who calls George W. Bush an asshole in public (in any language) gets my vote to be President of Everything. That's exactly what Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez did. And he's been saying pretty much the same thing in his message to the U.S. about Venezuela's oil. Instead of taking marching orders from the U.S., Chavez is going to decide the price and availability of his country's SUV juice. Good for him.

He was popularly elected once, followed by a failed coup attempt and a referendum for his recall (in which he also prevailed). Sounds like he's made some mistakes as well -- he tried to dump thousands of oil company workers for corruption but the courts slapped his hands and told him he couldn't. He works on behalf of the poor...boy, this guy sounds really scary. No wonder Pat Robertson wants to get rid of him.

Look, if I have to live through eight friggin years of W because he "won" two elections, Venezuela can sure as hell cope with a leader they elected TWICE (shit...they even had a chance to recall him -- I never got that!)

Time Magazine says Pat Robertson's comments might have actually helped Hugo. I agree. I never even heard of this guy before this week and now I think he's terrific. Thanks, Pat.


At 6:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

C'mon, you know who Hugo is-don't you? The Ven oil is distributed in the US via Citgo at those small stores...he's considering ways to allow only those truly impoverished by the sick capitalist system to purchase Ven oil products at reduced (lower than the current dictator & oil company obscene prices)rates here in the US-kinda reminds me of when Fidel offered to send medical doctors over to help after Pat couldn't stop a hurricane (with his close friend, Jesus' help) that hit Florida...


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