Monday, August 29, 2005

Jon Stewart For President

It was a wonderful evening of television. A very special Daily Show if you will.

Jon Stewart simply turned Christopher Hitchens over his knee, pulled his little panties down, and spanked his hairy bottom until it turned bright red. And he was as polite as could be.

I could try to re-create how articulate Jon was, but thankfully Crooks and Liars has video you can watch. He was incredibly well-informed and articulate. I don't think I've heard anyone on TV (reporter, foreign policy analyst, President) as well-informed about terrorism. I was truly thankful to see someone who could engage Hitchens in a debate that adequately reflected BOTH sides.

You have to watch this!

Via [Wonkette]


At 8:29 PM, Blogger Superfrankenstein said...

Ive been following Hitchens for years; drunk, sober or hung over, he is always the most articulate person in the room. Until the other night. I was amazed to see Jon Stewart eat Hitchens' lunch. I never saw anyone do it before.

At 8:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hitchens is a pompous, elitist bore who really has no right to be one as he really isn't all that intellectual or articulate. As someone who has seen him perform for years, I am amused by those who think he has a command of his subject matter. An apologist for the current criminal cabal operating out of the White House and its minions in congress, Hitchens has yet to locate a reactionary asshole he hasn't kissed...with excuses, poorly constructed arguments and false conclusions derived from faulty presumptions...


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