Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hiding Behind Katrina's Skirts

While we waited for help to arrive for Katrina victims, the government was actually DOING something: continuing to fuck with the reproductive freedom of American women. FDA Commissioner Lester Crawford is YET AGAIN delaying the decision to make the "Plan B" pill available without a prescription.

The right-wing nutcases who equate "Plan B" with abortion got busy and started making phone calls -- NOT to the FDA, but to the White House Comment Line. Curiously, even though W was on vacation, the messages got through to SOMEONE and after promising to have a final decision by August, Lester is again dragging his white male feet. Please note: Lester never has had and never will have a uteris, so the fact that he is involved in this discussion is nonsensical.

I want to salute Dr. Susan Wood who seems to have had it up to HERE with Right wing nonsense and she has stepped down from her staff job with the FDA. She probably felt she was living in Bizarro World. All the science and research supports making the pill available, but politics is holding the issue hostage indefinitely. The Fort Wayne (IN) Gazette (not exactly centered in a hotbed of liberalism) is calling for the FDA to step back from politics and thirteen senators want an audit of the FDA's approval process regarding Plan B.

I have an idea. If you support the approval of Plan B, call the White House Comment Line and then have all your friends do the same. It would be good for the White House to hear from the MAJORITY of Americans who support a woman's right to choose how she plans her family.

HERE IT IS: 202-456-6213

Link: Boston Globe -- "Woe to the Whistleblowers"


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