Friday, August 11, 2006

What'll I Do?

Confession: I had a little crush on Mike Douglas. Handsome, funny, kind, great voice. Yeah, I know he was a square, but I was surrounded by people like that in my Eastern Washington hometown. He was one of us! Only cooler.

Where Merv's set was dark and sparse, Mike's set was bright and cheerful (love those asterisk shapes!). Merv had the erudite Arthur Treacher, but Mike changed his co-hosts every week. My only regret? He gave a job to the venemous Roger Ailes. If only he had known...

Here's a great obit at the New York Times.

And now go to YouTube, search "Mike Douglas" and find lots of clips with such rare creatures as Shirley Bassey, John Lennon, Tom Waits, Frank Zappa, and Gene Simmons in full KISS regalia. were awesome. Sleep well you sweet Irish tenor.


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