Sunday, June 26, 2005

Idiots on Parade: This Week in Washington

Term's Up, Doc? Washington Congressman Richard "Doc" Hastings (R-Tri-Cities) drank the Kool-Aid when he signed up to head the House Ethics Committee and it looks like the dose is a slow release. He's under fire for not calling meetings, all to avoid taking an "up or down vote" on the crookedest of them all (Tom DeLay) nor did he report a trip to the UK paid for by a nuclear clean-up contractor. Sources say he's ready to quit. The taint this brings to his record (along with huge budget cuts to the Hanford Nuclear Reactor clean-up) might leave Doc without a job and wondering what's up. (NYTimes)

Gonzales Ends Cover Up Two Art Deco statues stood proudly over the Justice Department from 1933 until the Reagan administration became intolerant of a little nudity during its press conferences. Cretin Republican John Ashcroft completed the cover up when he hung curtains over the two statues for his ludicrous 4-year term. Current AG Alberto Gonzales says he has more important things to think about. Like torturing naked prisoners at Guantanamo.(NY Times)

Bend Over and Think of Shopping The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that it's OK to take your property for "public use". But now, instead of avoiding spending millions of dollars to re-route a highway around a single home, it's acceptable to evict you to make sure corporations can build condominiums and shopping areas. Whew! I was afraid we would have to give up our property rights for something frivolous! (Slate)


At 7:56 PM, Blogger Loganite said...

Doc Hastings is also in hot water because he is trying to install his chief of staff of 10 years as the co-chief of staff for the Ethics Committee, a position that has traditionally been nonpartisan. His job is safe, though. He is the Speaker's patsy and hatchet man. Well, the Speaker is DeLay's patsy, so we see who is really pulling the strings.

Glad to see, too, that boobs are OK again at the Justice Department. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales seems to be slightly less neurotic than John Ashcroft was. Ashcroft, Bush's cookie crumb to the Religious Right, had those breasts covered during press conferences during the Bush Administration. We'll see if Gonzales can use Justice as a springboard to the Supreme Court; he has re-emerged as a member of the "short list" to replace Chief Justice William Rehnquist, who is expected to announce his retirement June 27.

Speaking of the Supremes, the liberals apparently won with the property rights decision -- local control but communities can have power to make social changes -- yet I don't see any liberals happy about it, In fact, everyone is pissed. The conservatives should be thrilled -- localities can take from the poor and gove to the rich, and there is local control instead of "activist judges"! Why aren't they dancing in the streets?

Politics is fun!
-- L.


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