Sunday, June 19, 2005

Joe Biden for President?

Good news today! Delaware Senator Joseph Biden is considering a run at the Presidency. He's checking out fundraising and viability and if the pieces fall together, he might run. I've been wanting to vote for him for 20 years, but he was smeared with a plagiarism charge that after the Bush administration looks like small change. Note to Joe: fess up, say you're sorry, and move the hell on...

Sure, he's been fighting the good fight in the senate for years, but more importantly, he's got what a successful presidential candidate needs these days: charisma. I hate to say that. I mean, I read Fahrenheit 451 and was horrified at Ray Bradbury's accurate prediction that our candidates will be chosen solely based on looks and personality. But in this political day and age, what else do voters have to go by?

Right now, Karl Rove is compiling a notebook of lies and unflattering photos of Biden and he's probably rallying the Swiftboat Veterans as we speak. Soon we'll be wiping mud off of every piece of campaign news. Any positive blog entry will be countered with a negative one. Before long, voters will see scandal in every direction. With our brain waves thoroughly scrambled, all we'll have left to make a reliable decision is our instincts. Hang the political record -- that will be twisted beyond recognition. So we have to decide if this is someone we would sit down and have a drink with in front of the fire while we wait for dinner to cook. Bill Clinton? Hell yeah! Sit down, have a beer, and let's talk. John Kerry?

Biden's that kind of guy. He's charming, funny, bright, and although he's not the fox he was 20 years ago, he's aging along with the baby boomer generation and his good looks still sparkle. The plugs look good, too!

Our friend Mark says the problem with Democrats is that we keep nominating Frasier Crane for President. I've watched decades of Frasier Crane. Frasier Crane was a favorite TV character of mine. And Mr. Biden, you are no Frasier Crane. Thank God. Good luck, Joe. My fingers are crossed for you.


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