Saturday, June 18, 2005

You Gotta Go See Batman! (In IMAX if possible)

The phone roused us Saturday morning with a call from a friend saying, You GOTTA go see Batman! You GOTTA go see Batman! Luckily, we had already made plans to see it at the IMAX Theater that afternoon. He was right. We HAD to see Batman! It was amazing. And even better on the IMAX screen. Here's why it's so good:
  1. Christian Bale is a hunka burnin' bat flesh.
  2. Michael Caine is still a great actor. No matter how many movies he makes, he never "phones it in." He's the BEST Alfred!
  3. Thanks for a great script. It makes going to Revenge of the Sith feel like visiting a hooker.
  4. The suit and the gadgets are SO COOL!
  5. Morgan Freeman is a hoot.
  6. The bats. Great bats.
  7. The young Bruce will break your heart
  8. The guy who plays the Scarecrow was also in 28 Days Later. He's a helluva good actor and damn cute.
  9. Good messages about finding (and being true to) yourself
  10. Katie Holmes' part is really small.
Like our friend said, You GOTTA go see Batman!


At 1:55 PM, Blogger Mike said...

It's a good thing you mentioned Katie Holmes. I'd say she was the least good part of the movie.


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