Thursday, June 09, 2005

Here's To You, Anne Bancroft

Anne Bancroft was a helluva woman and not just because she had the good sense to marry Mel Brooks. She was, as Mark Twain would say, full of "sand" -- substance, meat, depth.

If you haven't seen "The Graduate" lately, watch it again. I guarantee as you get older, you'll see it as an epic tragedy of a woman's life suffocated by convention.

And...add "The Miracle Worker" to your Netflix list, too. She and Patty Duke will knock your friggins socks off. It's a work of art.

We'll miss you, Anne Bancroft. Thank you for leaving us some astounding performances on celluloid that will continue to serve as touchstones for our own humanity.



At 4:11 AM, Anonymous michael said...

i just accidentally ran into your flickr photo bloggyand enjoyed the little pop culture travel through time. I appreiate how you recognize the achievements of people like Ernest T. Bass and Anne Bancroft...good on you, here's my flickr link,
best to you
michael in toronto


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