Friday, August 12, 2005

Cindy's Got An Army of Her Own

Cindy Sheehan is attracting a lot of followers at "Camp Casey" (named after the son she lost in Iraq) near President Bush's ranch in Texas. Today, Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist Susan Paynter profiles a Washington mom who has joined Cindy's growing army out of concern for her son-in-law and nephew who have both served in Iraq and may be sent back for another tour.

This is old-fashioned activism and Cindy Sheehan should be proud of her attempts to hold our elected officials accountable. She wants to know WHY her son died in Iraq. W made an appearance yesterday (with Condi Rice close by) and sidestepped the question Cindy has been asking. This guy sure talks a lot, but doesn't have a lot to say. matter what how this turns out, you win. Keep up the good work.

Paynter also includes information on how we can help Cindy's cause and I'm including it here:

  • You can assist Sheehan through Crawford Peace House ( ), by clicking on the donation link or sending checks to Crawford Peace House, P.O. Box 710218, Dallas, TX 75371-0218. The phone number is 254-486-0099.

  • Donations to support the Military Families Speak Out car caravan for Crawford can be sent to Arthur Ruger at P.O. Box 335, Bay Center, WA 98527. More information about the Northwest branch of that organization is available at


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