Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hitchens Hops The Fence

In an interview with Tony Jones, host of "Lateline" on Australian TV, Christopher Hitchens had some strong criticism for President Bush and the Republicans and their handling of Hurricane Katrina. It's surprising to hear Hitchens be so harsh toward Bush and his cronies, but even more revealing to hear a foreign journalist's (Jones) take on this.

TONY JONES: If it [Katrina relief] is a hinge event, is there any way he can use it to his advantage, as he ultimately did after a very shaky start immediately after September 11?

CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS: Well, no, I think people forgave him for blundering around on that day, and not quite knowing what to do and making what must have been one of the worst speeches ever given by any politician. That could, as it were, be forgiven because everyone felt I'm sure, my God, how would I have held up on a day like that? This is worse because, a) it could be seen coming and b), I might just add, by the way, I mean, these States that have been devastated, Louisiana and Mississippi and Somerset and Alabama, they're all in the Republican column. The President is supposed to care about and nurturing the South, so is Karl Rove. What were they thinking? What were they thinking? I have no answer to that question that doesn't come up with a revelation of the most, really, catastrophic incompetence and insouciance.

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