Thursday, September 08, 2005

Oprah for FEMA Director

Unlike Mike Brown, the current FEMA Director, Oprah was able to make some serious rescue aid happen over Labor Day Weekend in Louisiana and Mississippi through her Angel Network. Millions of dollars worth of food and supplies were delivered by the likes of Julia Roberts, Chris Rock, John Travolta & Kellie Preston, Lisa Marie Presley, and Matthew McConaghey.

Oprah kept them all busy, which is more than we can say about Mr. Brown. Since Tuesday, 600 firemen from Illinois have been sitting on their thumbs waiting for orders. Very few of the offers of aid from foreign countries have even been RESPONDED to, let alone accepted. And FEMA is making visiting aid workers sit through a PR briefing rather than get out in the field and DO something.

And after all that, when House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi asked W if he would fire Brown, W seemed bewildered and wasn't aware of any glitches in the rescue efforts.

Keith Olbermann is keeping up his sharp criticism and tonight on his show, Countdown on MSNBC, he did a scathing timeline of how things DIDN'T happen in the rescue effort. You can get the video at Crooks & Liars. He just keeps getting better and better. It's very smart and way too accurate.

Olbermann also did an unbelievable attack on FEMA villians ("The worst of the worst"), but I can't seem to find the video. I'll post a link tomorrow if I can locate it.


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